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For over two decades, my unwavering dedication to the exploration of various spiritual disciplines has been at the heart of everything I do. With a deep-rooted passion for Yoga, Tantra, Kashmir Shaivism, Astrology, and Ayurveda, I have immersed myself in these profound practices, gaining a comprehensive understanding of philosophy, psychology, esoterica, and spiritual wisdom. This vast knowledge is integrated into my daily life and extends to readings, teaching, courses, and training, as I fully commit to sharing this wealth of expertise.
At Sacred Astrology, the mission is to empower individuals on their transformative and enlightening journey through life and to help them understand and live this life from a truly cosmic dimension.

For some people astrology is just something about sun signs and some very generic so-called predictions of your day or week ahead in a magazine, newspaper or, in these days of social media, various internet memes. 

Such an idea does a great misjustice to what an indepth and personalised approach to astrology and an astrological chart reading can bring to someone.

Especially in modern times, in the hustle and bustle of life and the incessant rush to do something with our lives and be something in the world, few of us take the opportunity or dedicate the necessary time to truly get to know ourselves and what really makes us tick or inspire us.

Because of disconnect, more and more of us become disconnected from the world, disconnected from each other and ourselves and the increasing numbers of physical, emotional and mental health problems testify to this phenomenon becoming more and more prevelant in these times.

Astrology, when correctly interpreted gives us a “guide book” to our lives and helps us become aware of the certain rhythms and cycles that affect our lives, of certain energetic impulses that shape and form our human experience.

The more we come to know about these influences and how to navigate these energies, the more we are able to live life fully and to even really start to see and live life from the cosmic dimension.

My Approach

Individually Tailored

The chart will be created and analysed based around the most important areas of your life that you want to look at right now. Your own personal situation, your needs and requirements for guidance and clarity will shape the individual reading that you will receive.

Detailed Analysis

A comprehensive approach to the energies and cycles that the chart shows are impacting your life. From here we will strip things back to understand what these situation are trying to show you and what are going to be the best choices to integrate and benefit fully from these energies.

Astro Psychology

The approach we take will help you gain better insight into your life and the way you function and respond to life. As you gain a deeper understanding of the inclinations and tendencies that the chart has, you will also be able to step into a space of greater wisdom and be able to use this knowledge in harnessing these energies to their maximum in your life.

Should I have an Astrology Reading?

An astrology reading can help us gain insight into ourselves, into our past and to help us understand what is currently appearing in our live. It helps us to be more objective in life and make the right choices now for our future.

It is important to remember that any astrological reading will only give an insight towards the energies that are currently acting upon us and the planet in this moment. How you respons and react to these energies and the circumstances of your life in that moment is solely down to you.

There is no such thing as an unavoidable fate. The stars do nothing more than create certain energetic conditions in the environment that we respond to. Our choices always create our reality!

What an astrological reading can do is give us a barometer to measure and understand the conditions of our life in any moment or even give us deeper insight into ourselves to understand why we have certain reactions and tendencies in life situations.

Our psyche and personality are formed to some degree by the influence of the placements of the stars, planets and astrological constellations at the moment of our birth. On top of this we develop certain inner responses and mechanisms due to education and social conditioning. These combine to form our character and give us our perspective and vision upon life.

An astrological reading can absolutely help us understand ourselves better, deepen self-knowledge, give us some indications of how to build greater self-acceptance and self-love, and also helps us become the best possible version of ourselves – something we can only truly do through a deep self-knowledge.

If you want know more about a reading, consultation or training you can message me below or if you want to make a book click below.

"I just took the course because I was curious to learn about astrology, I didn’t expect the past 6 months to expand my spiritual path."

Minhthi, US

"I am so grateful to Benedict for his inspirational astrology reading. I loved how Benedict’s accurate astrology mapping of my life became such a beautiful 3D representation."

Jennifer, UK

"Benedict is highly knowledgeable on this subject and also has an intuitive way of delivering information that builds and deepens with a profound richness the longer and further in you go."


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